Analytics Described

Analytics is the collection and utilization of data to generate insights and understandings supporting fact based decision management.  Purpose Driven Analytics is understanding a business goal, translating it into an analytics solution, and delivering actionable insights. 

Analytics is complex and complicated and involves managing many elements:  

  - Data from large and varied sources (Big Data)

  - Data aggregation, access and storage (Cloud) 

  - Technologies for understanding unstructured data (natural language processing)

  - Multi-variant Analytics (ensemble data mining, predictive analytics)

  - Effective visualization, delivering actionable insight to end users


Analytics Is Important

Understanding customers' wants, needs, opinions, experiences, actions, behaviors; monitoring competition; tracking marketing campaign effectiveness; improving business performance; early detection of problems with remote assets; predicting insurgent actions; preventing cyber attacks; are some of the important outcomes made possible with an effective Analytics program.


Helping Clients With Analytics

Clients approach us to design and develop Analytics systems because we can do it all.  Being vendor neutral gives us the flexibility to customize the system for each client.  Our goal is to share our expertise and technologies, providing an effective, complete solution that dramatically improves business performance.  


Hire Us For Your Analytics Team

We're easy to do business with and we take care of everything.  We become your Analytics Team.  We are Vendor Neutral, Technology Agnostic, Purpose Driven, and strive to understand the best of breed, best practices that will work with your situation.  We share our Analytics expertise and our world class Analytics team/talent making your team stronger.  We are totally committed to helping implement Analytics systems that achieve the expected results.  


A Low Risk Approach To Proving Value

The first thing we do is consult.  We help you understand your priorities and develop a well defined purpose for your Analytics system.  We design and perform a low risk, low cost, rapidly installed QwikListen Pilot test to prove value and ROI.  It enables us to understand the details required to develop a successful full implementation.  We measure the Analytics effectiveness before committing to full implementation.

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