TI-data helps clients with Analytics.  We share our expertise to integrate Analytics into our clients' business process and make it as easy as possible.  Advanced Analytics generates rich insight from big data, improving decision management and business performance.  

Customer Intelligence, Marketing Performance, Intelligence Analysis, Cyber Security, Machine Condition, Remote Asset Performance, are all areas that can be dramatically improved with Analytics.


TI-data has a strong history of delivering complete solutions involving all aspects of data handling and Analytics.

Since 1996, TI-data has functioned as a team member with our clients for designing, implementing and managing data integration and analytics services to U.S. based organizations. 

Our first project, in 1996, was for building and managing the data handling infrastructure for collecting data from a barge station on the ParanĂ¡ River in Rosario, Argentina and processing it in a data center in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  "Any to Any" requirements have no geographic boundaries or limitations with us. We can handle data from any location, any source, any signaling, any format, any application, etc., from any location in the world.


We are easy to do business with.  Analytics is complex and complicated with a lot of different elements to be integrated.  Our commitment is to handle everything so that you don't have to.  We become a collaborative team member of your organization, sharing our expertise and resources to deliver a complete solution.  Our approach is purpose driven, focused on achieving your specific business objectives with Analytics.

"Vendor Neutral" and the Five Pillars

An Analytics system requires integrating five separate technologies to make a complete system that works as expected:  1) Data Handling, 2) Cloud Services, 3) Processing, 4) Interpretive Analysis and 5) Information Delivery.

There are hundreds of vendors offering products and services in the Big Data Analytics space.  Most are only offering a part of the overall solutions.  Most require a DIY capability to integrate the elements and get it all to work together effectively.

Our clients typically do not have a staff with the skills and technical expertise required to provision, integrate and manage all elements in the five pillars.  This is where TI-data is most helpful.  We can handle all or part of the design and management of an Analytics system.  We understand what all the elements are, how they work together within an existing client framework and achieve the most cost effective complete solution.

We are committed to being Vendor Neutral.  Technologies change quickly.  Every clients' need is unique requiring the optimum mix of "best of breed" technologies to generate the outcomes expected.

Teams and Teaming

Our team includes the developers of the leading technologies in the field of Analytics and Data Handling. As a technology integrator we find, evaluate and integrate the most effective technologies available to build Analytics systems to improve business process and performance.