Customer Analytics Drives Growth

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Growing a business is challenging.  Sustaining high growth is doubly challenging.

Research conducted by MIT Sloan and Bain shows that companies that are proficient at customer analytics experience dramatic positive outcomes:

  • Twice as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries
  • Three times more likely to execute decisions as intended
  • Five times more likely to make decisions faster
  • Top-performing organizations use analytics five times more than lower performers. 

Quant5, a leading developer of SaaS-based predictive marketing for business, demonstrates how cutting edge analytics rapidly delivers insights that increases sales performance and marketing ROI.

New, cloud-based technologies, developed by Quant5 and offered by TI-data, makes it easy to engage Customer Analytics through economical outsourcing of the process.  This removes the burden of implementing and managing a sophisticated platform and simplifies the data handling and information/insight delivery.  The Analytics system, based on advanced algorithms, is designed for speed, relevancy, accuracy, scale and efficacy

Customer Analytics is the new driver for growth.  Companies that understand and embrace this reality achieve tremendous growth and performance. Those that don't are left behind.

Customer Analytics is a proven Best Practice.  However, many companies, especially medium size, lack the resources and view Customer Analytics as too complex and expensive, considering it beyond their reach or capability.

Positive customer experiences with your products and services are age-old drivers of business growth.  Achieving growth comes from continuously defining and refining offerings and value propositions in response to changing customer expectations and behavior.  Business buyers and consumers have more choices, more ways to buy, give and get recommendations, and talk back to companies. Speed and accuracy of customer insight and "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to growth.

Understanding the many customer types (micro-segmentation), tracking their behaviors, responses, what they want, when they want it is critical to driving growth.  Our role is to make it easy and comfortable for all types and sizes of business to take advantage of advanced Customer Analytics.

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