QwikListen(TM) Will Prove a High ROI and Set Up In 10 days or Less


TI-data announces QwikListenTM, a new paradigm for customer micro segmentation that dramatically raises conversion and response rates of marketing campaigns and offers. 

QwikListen is designed to dramatically improve new customer acquisition, lead scoring & conversion, loyalty program involvement, customer retention and optimize customer response.  It is designed to dramatically improve and accurately measure the ROI from marketing initiatives.

QwikListen is designed for speed.  Speed of implementation... Pilot test implementation in less than 10 days.  Speed of insight... near real time monitoring of customer segment changes, behaviors, sentiment.  Speed of results... immediate analysis of results, conversion rates, segment revenue and profitability.

QwikListen is the integration of advanced Listening Analytics with Customer Analytics generating customer micro segments with very high accuracy.

The best way to experience how dramatic the results can be is through a QwikListen Pilot test, which can be economically implemented in 10 days or less and will calibrate the results and ROI for customer response programs.

Contact kfaller@ti-data.com for more information.