Outsourcing Services For Advanced Analytics

For companies lacking in-house capabilities and struggling to keep up

We love the challenge of helping companies compete with advanced Analytics.  It is more than an equalizer, it is a competitive advantage. 

Our ideal client recognizes the importance of analytics but is struggling with the complexities and challenges involved with implementing it in-house.  Utilizing Cloud services can provide the capability for accessing external advanced analytics resources, with no investment in infrastructure or hiring data scientists.

Most companies lack the in-house capability to perform advanced analytics and cannot keep up with the growth in analytics requirements, (especially in marketing and customer management).  The analytics gap between in-house capability and needs is growing.  Companies not keeping up will get crushed by the competition.

Best of Breed/Best Practices can be added to the organization quickly, without having to invest in infrastructure or scarce qualified data scientists.  This plays to the strength of the agile organization, not just keeping up but having a strategic and competitive advantage over much larger companies.

On demand, real-time analytics will optimize marketing and achieve an effective level of customer intelligence.  It will dramatically improve conversion, retention/loyalty, and customer profitability, by meeting customer expectations/demands.  Precise customer profiles and micro segmentation will provide the actionable insight needed for R3, i.e. making the Right offer to the Right customer at the Right time.  Linking Customer Intelligence to business metrics (transactional data, behavioral metrics, revenue, frequency, customer profitability, customer value, and other KPI's) tie directly to achieving business objectives.

Speed is imperative... Speed of market awareness.  Speed of response to customer demands.  Speed of R3.  Speed of implementing advanced analytics.

Cost of delay in deploying advanced analytics has major financial implications.  Most companies find it impossible to build in-house in a timely manner and lack the skills to develop a complete solution.  Delay will strike right at the heart of CEO concerns namely: revenue, margin, profit, cash flow and shareholder value.

The need for advanced analytics is recognized as a critical, strategic issue in most industries.  The need is large, growing, and important in order for companies to meet customer expectations, competitive threats, and the speed of business.  Data and Analytics needs are growing.  Speed of business is accelerating.  Customer expectations are more demanding.  Advanced Analytics capabilities are critical to compete and achieve business goals. 

Let our PhD's do the work, on demand, in real time for you.  A TI-data QwikListen Pilot test will provide the proof of how quickly and easily you can deploy best of breed/best practice advanced analytics for Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence.