Listen to the Customer; Listen to the Data

Casino operators and their agencies are faced with an avalanche of data coming from multiple sources in many formats... and it will continue to grow, both in volume and velocity.  Analytics is the seamless integration of data from various disparate sources, interpreted, visualized and delivered as actionable insight.  Aside from all the challenges of handling the scale of data, there is the need for accuracy, relevancy and speed.  Current methods of reviewing data are too slow to produce helpful results.  Recently, a study estimated that up to 90 percent of collected data cannot be reviewed in time to be useful.

Growing at a rate three times that of structured data, the increasing deluge of unstructured text data, from all social, web and inbound sources, makes up approximately 90 percent of all information.  The challenge for the modern casino operator is to understand and extract value from this rich sea of human and transactionable information and use it to improve customer and marketing performance.

Data scientists are developing the technologies and advanced computer processes to make sense of large amounts of integrated structured and unstructured data.  What is needed is the ability to strip away the confusion, sometimes caused by the hundreds of Big Data vendors, and assess what's useful and effective to marketing departments and agencies to increase the quality of decisions.

Our approach is to implement a low risk, low cost, QwikListen pilot test to rapidly deploy and measure the value of new analytics technologies.  The goal is to process and understand, in real time, the meaning of the data and the customers' behaviors and to prove effectiveness and ROI of the Analytics design.